I asked my community on to share some funny answers on “How to tell you are a designer without telling you are a designer”, in this post, you will read some of the funniest answers that have been submitted.

I want you to hit that clap button for every answer you relate to 😅

Let’s go…

Web Design Tips : Contrast

Contrast is the practice of making design elements look different from each other in order to make the important elements stand out, it also can be used to create a focal point and establish visual interest by manipulating differences in color, size, space and other factors.

This article is made…

Web Design Tips : Typography

Using , Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed.

Typography is made for content!

This article is made to help you improve your type skills and understand how to use type by following some tips.

let’s start!

Tip 1


Design Critique by

Having a friend that shares with me the Love of design was my special friendship in the previous year, it makes me talk to him every day, sharing works and giving feedback to each other.

Whenever I receive a work from that friend, my replay is “wow,” “awesome,” and “…

A guide to Minimalist Web Design

First I admit that I am not a web designer, but a design lover, and what you are going to read are not my own thoughts, but the summary of the best things I have read about that topic. …

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UX/UI Designer - Figma Organizer

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